Minding Your Business in a Post-Truth World

It was recently announced Oxford Dictionaries had selected “post-truth” as 2016’s international word of the year.

Now, before we go any further, let’s make sure we all know exactly what this highly-trending phrase means.  Oxford defines “post-truth” as “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief”.


So, right now, I believe I can hear many of you saying, “Cute phrase…but what does it have to do with me, or my organization?”

Well, although the “post-truth” era has most often been cited in relation to the current and rather insane political landscape, it has created negative ramifications for organizations and individuals within the business world as well.

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Minding Your Business in a Post-Truth World

What Accomplishment Is (and Isn’t)—and Why It Matters

What have you accomplished lately on the job?

Notice I didn’t ask what you’ve done lately. That’s an entirely different question. I’m asking what you’ve accomplished.

Here’s where I’m going with this.

Decades ago, when I first started in business, I was hired by a multinational bank. The person in charge of inducting us trainees said, “Every month, now that you have a job, pull up your resume and update it.”

I thought his advice to us new hires was . . . interesting. But his point was this: Use your resume as a tool to hold yourself accountable. Make sure you can say you’re accomplishing things on a regular basis.

I took that advice to heart. Today, I advise all my clients to do the same—right after I explain what real accomplishment looks like.

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What Accomplishment Is (and Isn’t)—and Why It Matters

Are You Productive Enough? Here’s a Good Way to Tell.

Think about the people you work with on a daily basis. Some of them know how to make a difference. In fact, they’re hell bent on it. Others show up, check a few boxes, and go home.

Let’s focus on the latter camp. This camp includes two groups of people. I call them the dreamers and the bureaucrats.

Dreamers are the ones who toss out idea after idea. These ideas may be good; they may be interesting. They might even be revolutionary. But none of them ever happen. As brilliant as dreamers can be, and often are, they’re all sizzle and no steak.

Bureaucrats, on the other hand, strictly adhere to guidelines. They think and act inside the box. They may get the daily minutiae done, but they can’t seem to focus on the larger goal.

In many ways, these two groups are a world apart. The dreamers are strategic thinkers; the bureaucrats are tactical thinkers. But they have something important in common.

They aren’t producing anything of real significance.

Do you identify with one of these groups? Are you unhappy about it? Then it’s time to take a few steps to your right.

Here’s what I mean by that.

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Are You Productive Enough? Here’s a Good Way to Tell.